Friday, August 31, 2007

Music from back in the day

This brings back memories. M a n y years ago I was a radio DJ and enjoyed hosting an oldies show (back then oldies were from the 50s and early 60s).
More importantly, this song was a hit in the summer of 1967 and happened to be playing the first time I "reached second base" ... funny the things you remember.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The iPhone - is there nothing it can't do?

Apple's release of the iPhone has received considerable attention in the MSM and the blogosphere. It's a phone, it's an entertainment center, it's an organizer, it's a dessert topping.
Wait .. dessert topping? Check it out here (h/t to Little Miss Atilla.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Idaho's Dud Stud .. er .. Spud

At risk of being classified as a Still Stacy Stalker, I must once again direct your attention to a very well written opinion piece posted by that witty and talented Colorado consumer of copious caffeine.
Stacy offers us an essay on the sex scandal surrounding Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Actually she covers much more ground regarding the whole subject of sexuality in our culture. Here's a sample, "Every time I walk out my front door, I’m at risk for sexual harassment. In my years I have had some very lewd and repulsive things said to me. In time, I developed my thick skin and “the look” as my husband calls it."
Good reading. Read the entire article here, then do some thinking. I am.

It's .. my .. life

One of those online analysis thingies: (h/t to Conservative, Dreadlocked, Bitch)

This Is My Life, Rated
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WARNING: This post contains massive amounts of geekery

An Israeli scientist has developed a process that allows one to reshape images while preserving the proper aspect of picture elements. Here's a video clip that explains the concept. (Hat tip to TechCrunch via WebbAlert.)

This is still a work in progress. If it can be made to work with video, the doors will really open to repurposing content for platforms as diverse as HDTV and the little screen on your cell phone.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Common Nonsense

Where to begin.
Yet another article making the rounds of the 'Net about the utter lack of good sense by school administrators, this time in Chandler, Arizona. A 13-year-old boy draws a picture of a laser gun and earns a five day suspension because the sketch is deemed a "threat." Quoting from the article, "Chandler district spokesman Terry Locke said the sketch was "absolutely considered a threat," and threatening words or pictures are punishable." Read the entire news article here.
It is examples such as this that help explain why the general public's confidence in the public school system hovers in the same neighborhood as the polling numbers of President Bush and Congress.

[The image accompanying this post was whipped together in PhotoShop and is not necessarily representative of the fear-inducing visage created by Ben and Paula Mosteller's "evil genius" son.]

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aborting an entire society

What she lacks in quantity, she more than compensates with quality.
Still Stacy offers a well reasoned, tangible argument on the essential immorality of abortion: "Congratulations; Procreating 101; sperm, meet egg. But one needs to take a deeper look into why Russia is suffering from this population crisis. .. Russia needs far more than monetary motivation to increase it’s population. You remove religion from a society with no one but a socialist regime to answer to, and this is what you get. A historically great country, literally, disappearing citizen by citizen. Whatever your feelings are towards abortion, there is one thing you should accept as the truth; abortion kills people; not potential people; real, live people."

Anyway, go visit her blog and read the entire post.

"Common Sense" - Can you use those words in the same sentence?

It's head scratching time again.
Betsy Newmark opines on the wit and wisdom (specifically the lack of both) of the prosecutor in Yamhill County, Oregon who had sought to brand two middle school students as "sexual predators" for slapping female classmates' bottoms and playing "boob tag". Betsy asks, "Can't we have some return to common sense when dealing with children?" (Her article here)
It does seem common sense is none too common these days - or perhaps it never has been; we see more of it thanks to all this communications/information technology.

Useful Science

I came across this
while scanning FARK. Who knew the common #2 pencil offers such additional utility?

Turn A PENCIL Into A LIGHT ! - video powered by Metacafe

Monday, August 13, 2007

The everloving wisdom of the Kos Kotillion

This has gotten some attention around the blogosphere and the MSM. Some of the Kos Kids want to join a union. That's all well and good. I once was a union member; even served as Shop Steward of my local. The thing is, I had a job, and an employer with whom to bargain. If you're a Kos Kid, with whom do you negotiate for wages, working conditions, and benefits? Perhaps your parents would be willing to pony up for a new futon in the basement? I scratch my head at their utter cluelessness. Minds more vacuous than a Valley Girl's.
And it is this group the Democratic presidential candidates all paid homage?

Shamalama at Common Folk Using Common Sense sums it up nicely: "Obviously Unclear On The Concept" (hat tip to Stacy's blogroll.)

Shameless pride of a grandpap

Light postings of late. So, enjoy this visual one.

Our granddaughter Reese is such a cute little peanut.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Steely McBeam - you're kidding, right? Please say you're kidding.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 75 years old this year, and have managed to succeed without the need for skanky cheerleaders or a cartoonish, costumed mascot - until now.
So now the Steelers have a mascot, and worse, they named it Steely McBeam.

It seems to me that if you must have a mascot, why not tie into what to any loyal Steelers fan is the team's true icon, the Terrible Towel, given to us by the now retired radio analyst Myron Cope. I would have named the character "Iron Myron" (pronouced Cope style as "Eye-run My-run").

Meanwhile a search around the Burgh blogs offers more disdain for this misnamed misanthropic mascot:

Pitt Girl at the Burgh Blog offers a succinct n@ "WTF?"

At Pittsburgh Dish, a similar question: 'A nation asks, "WTF, dude?"'

The Metroblogging Pittsburgh post on this topic offers this opinion: "The Steelers' new mascot has a new name, and it stinks worse than my afternoon commute on a bus with a busted air conditioner.."

The second half of Tunesmith & Anthony thinks the new mascot could find success in another entertainment arena. (NSFW visual)

Go Stillers!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sympathies to Still Stacy

It's a sad day in the blogosphere. The always insightful and entertaining Stacy has lost her mother. Consider visiting her site and paying your respects.