Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Asking for directions

On road trips, I am often called upon to serve as navigator. One colleague recently asked, “Do you have a GPS in your head?” My ability is much more low tech; I can read a map. In years past, the publication of the annual Rand McNally Road Atlas provided me with hours of entertainment and education, as I traveled vicariously across the United States and Canada. These days, Google Maps and Google Earth have replaced the paper maps, giving me the opportunity to explore the world. In practical terms, these electronic maps allow me to study primary and alternate routs of travel, identify landmarks, and otherwise help me avoid the dreaded need to stop and ask for directions.

My journey in faith has been a bit more complicated, and on a number of occasions, the (often unsolicited) assistance in navigation by others has helped me find my way toward the right direction. Recently, I discovered a most insightful blog that has offered such insight and direction. The Anchoress is a wise and wonderful human being, evidenced by this post on her blog. She asks your help, not for her, but for another family in dire need. She says this family needs the help of angels. I would suggest one is already on the job.

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