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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Idaho's Dud Stud .. er .. Spud

At risk of being classified as a Still Stacy Stalker, I must once again direct your attention to a very well written opinion piece posted by that witty and talented Colorado consumer of copious caffeine.
Stacy offers us an essay on the sex scandal surrounding Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Actually she covers much more ground regarding the whole subject of sexuality in our culture. Here's a sample, "Every time I walk out my front door, I’m at risk for sexual harassment. In my years I have had some very lewd and repulsive things said to me. In time, I developed my thick skin and “the look” as my husband calls it."
Good reading. Read the entire article here, then do some thinking. I am.


Stacy said...

Still Stacy Stalkers sounds like a good name for a fan club. I'm still not done with it; I'll probably tweak it for a few days.

Bob said...

Heh! -- guess I should have © the name.