Monday, June 9, 2008

Inspired silliness

She IS the Internet. Just ask her. She is iJustine a talented (and not unattractive) video/multimedia producer/editor from the Pittsburgh area.
This clip is...
well, you decide...

She also does the lifecasting thing.

(Photo is © Justine Ezarik. All rights reserved.)

Who will McCain choose for VP

Hello there. Long time no blog.
Still busy at work, the golf game is improving, and [insert another lame excuse here].

Now that the Dems have BO - attention shifts to the second banana. My guess is he'll select a woman not named Hillary. If he were to select the New York Senator, he and Michelle would be well served to sleep with one eye open.
On the GOP side, McCain appears to have done a decent job of positioning himself in the center of the political spectrum. A younger (not hard to do), conservative would be an ideal choice. I've written here before of my growing fascination with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I think she's still a considerable long shot , but she would turn the race in November on it's ear.
Here's a video clip put together by a couple grassroots organizations promoting Gov. Palin.

(h/t Adam Brinkley at Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President)