Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Removing a speed bump on the Hershey Highway

Ah, the joys of early middle age. I must say the effects of Demerol almost makes up for the inconvenience of having a live video feed originating from inside my large intestine. This was my second colonoscopy; the first one showed a pink, healthy bowel. I know this because I convinced the doctor that I wanted to remain unsedated to watch the proceedings. I found it quite interesting - once. It was not exactly painful, but having traffic moving the wrong way on a one way road was in this instance both unnerving and uncomfortable.
This time, I decided to limit the audience to the professionals and allowed the nurse to bring on the drugs. And wouldn't you know it. I missed the doc finding a polyp. I now have to wait a few days to see whether or not it is cancerous (best bet is not.)