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Monday, August 13, 2007

The everloving wisdom of the Kos Kotillion

This has gotten some attention around the blogosphere and the MSM. Some of the Kos Kids want to join a union. That's all well and good. I once was a union member; even served as Shop Steward of my local. The thing is, I had a job, and an employer with whom to bargain. If you're a Kos Kid, with whom do you negotiate for wages, working conditions, and benefits? Perhaps your parents would be willing to pony up for a new futon in the basement? I scratch my head at their utter cluelessness. Minds more vacuous than a Valley Girl's.
And it is this group the Democratic presidential candidates all paid homage?

Shamalama at Common Folk Using Common Sense sums it up nicely: "Obviously Unclear On The Concept" (hat tip to Stacy's blogroll.)


Stacy said...

It's a riot, ain't it? I laugh every time I read this thing.

Bob said...

True that. Just like spiders and snakes, the Kos Kidz have their place in nature - giving us reason to laugh when we need it most. :)

Stacy said...

Hmm. I spent the morning killing black widows. Interesting.