Friday, June 22, 2007

A blog about something, a blog about anything

This blog does not yet have a real focus. “A blog about something, a blog about anything” certainly leave some considerable range of topic. By looking over my list of favorite blogs, you will rightly get the impression that my political leanings tend toward the conservative.

It is far too early to be making final decisions on the 2008 Presidential election, but at this point the only candidate that I find worthy of my vote is not yet in the race. I find the media’s obsession with polls rather interesting on the one hand, and very vexing on the other. While they seek to turn the presidential election into a popularity contest on the same level as the local high school homecoming queen, the average voter is given little meaningful information about where each of the candidates actually stand on particular issues. Some of the blame for this falls on the MSM, but we the people must also accept some of the blame for allow our society to become “short attention span theatre.”

I’ll likely discuss this issue in more depth in future postings. One the other hand, you may see other topics discussed here as well.

Keep in mind, even though my backgrou8nd includes more than two decades as a card carrying member of the MSM, this blogging environment is still new to me and I’m striving to learn how things work in this environment. Your comments, suggestions, and opinions are always welcome.