Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Courage + Believe = Life

"Courage + Believe = Life" was John Challis' motto. He joins Dr. Randy Pausch as another Pittsburgh area inspiration, not just for cancer patients, but for all. John Challis showed us how to live a full and rich life. His life ended Tuesday at the age of 18.
KDKA-TV has this story and a slideshow.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers this article.
And Pittsburgh's best blogger, PittGirl sums it up as well as can be done.

Wise decades before the wisdom should have kicked in and mature years before the maturity should have shown up, he was truly an inspiring teenager who faced death, admitted it scared him, but was more worried about how it would affect his family when he was gone.

He was a selfless kid who instead of dwelling heavily on what he could not change, looked to using his reaction to the inevitable, to change those around him. And it did.

Her entire posting can be found here.
ESPN had a touching tribute on SportCenter.

His battle with liver and lung cancer was inspiring, not because he overcame adversity to live his life to the fullest, but that he did so in such a positive way.