Monday, September 17, 2007

CNBC-HD+ - high def the right way

The cable business channel CNBC has announced plans to offer a high definition version of their program. That's not news; dozens of new HD channels are up and running or soon will be. What is interesting is that CNBC plans to make better use of all that screen space to provide more information. Media Bistro has details and a screenshot. Broadcasting and Cable offers additional details on the new channel that will appear soon on DirecTV.
While many of the high def "purists" will wail that the main image is simply an upconverted version of the original CNBC, I think the plan to push that video to one side will make for a more useful dispenser of information.

We're not laughing AT you... well, okay, I guess we are

In need of a good chuckle? Better yet, a spew coca-cola out your nose laugh? Crystal at Boobs, Injuries and Dr. Pepper offers up two side stitching posts on the topics of curious husbands (a rerun from last year) and procrastinating teens.