Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aborting an entire society

What she lacks in quantity, she more than compensates with quality.
Still Stacy offers a well reasoned, tangible argument on the essential immorality of abortion: "Congratulations; Procreating 101; sperm, meet egg. But one needs to take a deeper look into why Russia is suffering from this population crisis. .. Russia needs far more than monetary motivation to increase it’s population. You remove religion from a society with no one but a socialist regime to answer to, and this is what you get. A historically great country, literally, disappearing citizen by citizen. Whatever your feelings are towards abortion, there is one thing you should accept as the truth; abortion kills people; not potential people; real, live people."

Anyway, go visit her blog and read the entire post.

"Common Sense" - Can you use those words in the same sentence?

It's head scratching time again.
Betsy Newmark opines on the wit and wisdom (specifically the lack of both) of the prosecutor in Yamhill County, Oregon who had sought to brand two middle school students as "sexual predators" for slapping female classmates' bottoms and playing "boob tag". Betsy asks, "Can't we have some return to common sense when dealing with children?" (Her article here)
It does seem common sense is none too common these days - or perhaps it never has been; we see more of it thanks to all this communications/information technology.

Useful Science

I came across this
while scanning FARK. Who knew the common #2 pencil offers such additional utility?

Turn A PENCIL Into A LIGHT ! - video powered by Metacafe