Day by Day by Chris Muir

Monday, January 7, 2008

A dead soldier's perspective

I'm back from my self-imposed exile from the Internet (the real world is an awfully interesting place after all.)
In browsing through the several dozens of blogs I read regularly, an entry at American Princess caught my eye. Titled "Something Very Sad", through it we learn of the death of a blogger/soldier in Iraq. I had never before read anything by Andrew Olmsted. This, his last word is a must read. May God bless his family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Escaping to the Real World is often required in order to keep one's sanity. The Blogosphere opens one up to a variety of individuals, including one's who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Bob said...

The sanity issue is still up in the air with me :) - and nice to know somebody's reading this blog!