Day by Day by Chris Muir

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On the road, on another planet

Blogging with the help of hotel wifi, as I'm on a road trip to that strangest of strange lands, Washington, D.C. I'm attending a conference and have spent much of the past two days playing phone tag with an assortment of Beltway Bureaucrats. No time to go into details, but let it be said, the Capitol Hill Police are keeping America safe from the specter of commercialization. Despite that, the show must go on.


Stacy said...

Do I know you Bob?

Bob said...

Hi Stacy,
No we've never met. I have commented on one or two of your posts. I enjoy your writing, and have to say your recent post regarding your relationship issues absolutely floored me. You seem very grounded.
If linking to your blog is a problem, I will pull it down, as I am rather new to this and am not certain of the rules of blog etiquette.
Wishing you all the best . . .